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Our company

SpiceRush hails from a century long association with the farming communities.We focus on offering our customers the best of spices, which we acquire from farmers across the most thriving agricultural regions of the country.

Decades of experience in the agriculture and food manufacturing industry helps us provide premium grade spices to our customers. We don't just assure enhancement of flavors , but also a lot of medical benefits through our products which make our customers healthier. Let go of general stores now, because we are available online and we deliver at your doorstep. 

Let us tell you how we achieve premium quality spoken about earlier.

Top of the line automated machines in our factories tackle the minutest of processes with ease without much of manual handling. 

Our production facilities are backed by cold storages for the spices.

This is how we achieve the optimum amount of freshness in the spices we deliver to our customers.

Also, we are ready to take on more orders at any time thanks to our cold storage.We take pride in our cold storage facilities as it has been scientifically proven to be the best method to increase shelf life of all our spices. 

It keeps the spices fresh from the day of harvest till the moment of delivery.

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